​What will La Plancha park in Mérida be like?

La Plancha Park is a work, whose main function is to become a family place, with important attractions that boost tourism and the local economy in Mérida, Yucatán.

The construction of this space began on September 20, 2022, and will be inaugurated on November 19 of this year, by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

La Plancha park is located in the center of Mérida, 11.8 kilometers from the ‘Teya’ Mayan Train station. It covers an approximate area of 19 hectares with a public investment of more than 74 million pesos.

According to the federal administration, the park will become a world-class benchmark of recreational, cultural, sports and gastronomic excellence.

What attractions will La Plancha park have in Mérida?

The park will have four sections, in which there will be green areas, covered walkways, bike paths, and even an amphitheater for 10,000 people.

Pet area.

Outdoor gym.

Bike path and relocated housing areas.

Museum of Light.

Train museum.

Children’s play areas.

In the first section there will be the wagon concessions and the powerhouse; in the second section, there will be children’s games and an interactive fountain; in the third section there will be a reflecting pool and gastronomic market; Finally, in the fourth section the amphitheater and the large lake will be located.

La Plancha Park will connect with the Mayan Train

In the park will be the IE-TRAM station, Mérida’s new transportation, which will begin operations in December.

It will connect with the Mayan Train, since the IE-TRAM will arrive at the ‘Teya’ station in Kanasin to this destination, linking both attractions.

Source: Milenio