36 arrested in massive California drug trafficking bust with ties to Sinaloa cartel

In a major crackdown on drug trafficking, authorities arrested 36 individuals in California with ties to the Sinaloa cartel. The operation, which involved over...

“WHO confirms that the first death from avian flu worldwide was in Mexico

The WHO evaluates as low the current risk this virus poses to the general population. According to a report issued on Wednesday, June 5th by...


Vallarta, Los Cabos and Monterrey, the “most attractive” cities for real...

They offer not only attractive landscapes and climates, but also security, stability and growth opportunities that make them ideal destinations for real estate investors In...


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Foreigners are scared of Mexico

Journalist David Frum describes Claudia Sheinbaum as intelligent, but tied to the dogmas of current President Andrés...

American man deprived of liberty outside a restaurant in Guadalajara

The man who was deprived of liberty outside a restaurant in the Prados Providencia neighborhood in Guadalajara,...

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Millesime GNP Gathers the Best of Gastronomy, Wine, and Mixology in San Miguel de...

In an exclusive setting, San Miguel de Allende celebrated the 3rd Edition of Millesime GNP Weekend, a social event that brought together the most...

This is what Michelin-star-worthy seafood looks like

YouTuber Óscar Mezar from La Capital visited Mazatlán and showcased the best of the cuisine from the Pearl of the Pacific. Mexican YouTuber, Óscar Mezar,...

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Preventive Detention in Mexico

The elimination of automatic preventive detention represents the risk of releasing 68,000 people. Automatic preventive detention, as contemplated in Article 19 of our Constitution, is...

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Cases of traumatic contact with marine animals on the rise in...

Incidents include jellyfish burns, sea urchin pricks, and stingray stings. In recent weeks, the Mexican Red Cross, Mazatlán Delegation, has reported a significant increase in...

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Expected rains in Tulum bring blackouts and power outages in the...

60 percent of the municipal capital lacks service; causes complaints from different sectors A few light rains were enough to leave a large part of...

Cancun taxi drivers’ union registers around 400 complaints

So far this year, the Cancun Taxi Drivers Union “Andrés Quintana Roo” has registered around 400 calls with complaints about the service of its...

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