Enjoy the November Festivities of Puerto Escondido,

Throughout the month of November 2023 there is a very complete program of festivities in this paradisiacal place, which is already a tradition with several decades, where these activities are carried out.

Mr. Artemio Méndez Méndez left a great mark on the Mezcal Industry, as he made many trips abroad to position mezcal, which opened doors to this highly prestigious product (now), but which was not known. and therefore it was not consumed outside of Mexico. That is why after a year and a half of leaving this plane, Don Artemio Méndez Méndez is always remembered with gratitude, by the mezcaleros who, by the way, in Oaxaca, produce the best mezcal in the world and by his family, who feel proud of the legacy of this great pioneer of mezcal, who was a successful visionary.

During the month of November year after year, a large number of events are taking place every day. The idea of holding these events was to give economic movement and expand the tourist offer, in this month that was normally a very low season and that affected the economy of the entire eminently tourist city. Now being a month of great joy and a very important economic benefit.

In this month of November 2023, at the inauguration of these festivities, the Merenglas Group was presented and as the main artist, the Singer Pancho Barraza, in this 2023 edition of these Festivities, for the first time “The First Guelguetza del Mar” was held”, with the Tuxtepec Delegation participating in a stellar way, this event was held with the support of the Secretariat of Tourism of the State Government, for which Lic. Marta Amelia Reyes Carmona, Councilor of Tourism, Recreation and Entertainment of the H. City Council of San Pedro Mixtepec said it recognizes the support of the Ministry of Tourism headed by Saymi Pineda Velasco and, in turn, Governor Salomón Jara.

As for the Coastal Dance Festival, 17 Cultural Delegations of the Coast participated, and it was held within the framework of these November Festivals of Puerto Escondido, its 30th edition, which is equivalent to the number of years, that it has been presented and in this time there was music, painting and more artistic expressions. Two of the events that everyone expects and that have international fame are Surfing and Sailfish Sport Fishing, in the latter 240 boats of local people, national and international visitors registered and it took place on the 17th, 18th and 19th. November 2023, but you still have time to arrive and enjoy a complete program of important parties, most of them free admission, the grand closing will be on November 30, with the participation of the “Fantasma” Group, who enjoy great popularity in Mexico and with the Latin public of the United States, there will also be “La Sonora Dinamita” and “Los Aliados de la Bahía”.

With several options to get to this beautiful port, such as by car along the coastal highway, which is federal highway 200 that connects this destination with the rest of the country on both sides, and the capital of the State is also connected by two highways, Sola de Vega and Puerto Angel, there are also buses that leave from Mexico City, from the Oaxacan capital, collective urbans. It also has its own international airport with flights from Mexico City and from the City of Oaxaca de Juárez, so it is a place very well connected everywhere, so you don’t miss a trip to this place, which by the way is very relaxed, very casual, for all types of tourists.

Its beaches offer you freedom

On the beaches of Puerto Escondido tourists can walk, without having to necessarily enter a beach club or a hotel to enjoy them, the same in the Zicatela area, as in the rest of the beaches, including the hotel zone. which is located in Fracc. Bacocho Residential; This is how Oaxacans feel Puerto Escondido, like their beaches, because everyone has access to them, really feeling at home.

Cosmopolitan Place

Puerto Escondido is already a Cosmopolitan city which is another attraction, since some students come from different countries, to find friends and also to practice different languages, while enjoying the beach, having a coffee or a refreshing drink.

Accommodation for different budgets

As for accommodation in Puerto Escondido, there are excellent quality hotels for tourists who like comfort and elegance, but there are also ones for all types of budgets, and here in Puerto Escondido it is also customary to stay in hostels, where there are young people from different parts of the world, who decide to stay for long stays in shared rooms, which makes the cost very accessible and also the coexistence with people of different races and cultures.

Lic. Marta Amelia Reyes Carmona, Councilor for Tourism, Recreation and Entertainment of the H. City Council of San Pedro Mixtepec, says that this is an event expected by all tourism service providers, as it is a great support for their economy, but also It is awaited by the public, who are eager to leave their routine and come have fun, having a wide variety of events, for all types of tastes and also come to enjoy this heavenly place.

Mr. Artemio Méndez Méndez, a great promoter of mezcal that opened the market internationally.

It has been a year and a half since Mr. Artemio Méndez Méndez, a pioneer of international mezcal business relations, left this plane, since there were times when mezcal was not as valued as it is currently, with Mr. Artemio who gave a boost and the value that is currently given to mezcal, achieving first of all to make the product known, and then open the market for this product, which now Oaxaca the title of being the best producer of mezcal in everyone.

What a great joy it would be for Don Artemio to know the important stage that is now being experienced with the prestige of mezcal, because today, there is a great moment for this product in Oaxaca, such as its ample fame, with many artists from great level that have created their own mezcal brands, just to mention a few there is the Singer Carlos Rivera, as well as the international singer Maluma, and many more. Mezcal also being the main protagonist and the settings of the mezcal towns, the locations of the soap opera that runs on Televisa, on the Canal de las Estrellas “Nadie Como Tú”, at 4:30 p.m., so Mr. Artemio Méndez can feel proud, wherever he is to see that what he started, today has been crowned with many triumphs.

The last stage of his life was lived in Huatulco, although he spent it traveling constantly, Mr. Artemio Méndez Méndez, who was born on October 10, 1962 in Santiago Matatlán and died on July 3, 2021, having transcended in this place and in his hometown, being a person who had a gift for people and with a charisma that captured the attention and affection of those who knew him closely, which was many people, since he kept traveling to different places, since Due to his personality, he was a very dynamic person, promoting, managing, supervising, innovating, etc., so that everything went well in his endeavors.

But his legacy continues through his family, who preserve the different types of mezcal, several of his creation such as “Arte Mío”, a mezcal that is a combination of several “tobalá” magueyes, there being a whole range of these, in his store called “La Reliquia”.

In La Reliquia, which is a place where various mezcals are sold, but also Oaxacan crafts and products, Mr. Artemio Méndez instilled in his family to support the native peoples to put their typical products for sale in their establishments. It is quite an experience for tourists to enter this establishment in Bahías de Huatulco and other parts of the State, appreciating the crafts from the 8 regions of the State, where they can also purchase them.

A round of applause to Mr. Artemio Méndez wherever he is, for his achievements and for the example he left for his family, we continue to enjoy mezcal and Oaxacan products, which helps many families who work, in all ours.

Source: NSS Oaxaca