Minimum wage in Mexico would increase 20% in 2024; this is what workers would earn per day

Mexico’s working force would soon receive good news, as the minimum wage is expected to have a significant increase; how much will you earn per day?

The workers of Mexico will soon receive the announcement that they have long waited for this end of the year, as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) revealed that in December they will be informed of how much the increase in the minimum wage will be, which is believed to be possible 20%.

As its name says, the minimum wage is the amount that every employer is obliged to pay its workers per day; In 2023 it rose 20% compared to last year, and it is expected that by 2024 it will have the same increase.

Increase in the minimum wage will be announced in December

AMLO reported that the National Minimum Wage Commission (Conasami) has to meet, a three-way body at whose ‘table’ the Government of Mexico, worker unions and the Private Initiative sit.

Each party will vote on the proposals that are launched to reach an agreement and thus raise the minimum wage in 2024, where the president of Mexico hopes it will be done unanimously.

According to reports, the sector of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) will propose that it rise by 12.8%, while the Confederation of Workers of Mexico expects it to be 22 – 25%, although it would be proposed that instead, stay at 20%.

How much would Mexicans earn if the 20% increase is approved?

Today, at the end of 2023, the minimum daily wage for workers in Mexico is 207.44 pesos, but if the 20% increase is approved, it would become 248.92 pesos.

In the first days of December the official announcement from the Government of Mexico must arrive, emphasizing that the 20% mentioned is the figure that the reports handle, but it is NOT official yet.

Source: Fox Sports