With 39 works in progress, the Government of Mazatlán works intensely in neighborhoods and communities

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, – In the final stretch of the year, the Government of Mazatlán continues to work intensely on works in different areas that will benefit the inhabitants of the urban area and the rural communities of the municipality.

The Directorate of Public Works currently has 39 works in progress, including paving, roofing of schools, replacement of sections of the drainage and sewage network, construction of squares in rural communities, modernization of pumping stations, rehabilitation of accesses beach, facilities for the introduction of basic services and a pedestrian bridge.

The head of the area Rigoberto Arámburo Bojórquez reported that this year an average of 200 paving works are being carried out in Mazatlán that include the replacement of the hydro-sanitary infrastructure, that is, drinking water and drainage.

“We have worked intensely in many vulnerable neighborhoods, in many forgotten neighborhoods of our city and also in the rural area, the public works budget is close to 300 million pesos, the investment in educational infrastructure compared to the previous year has increased. it doubled this 2023,” he assured.

He added that in some of these works they work in coordination with Jumapam to replace sections of collectors that have suffered collapses in important sections of pipeline and in others they have the support of the State Government, specifically for the modernization of wells.

“A balanced work budget, with social justice, is a very well designed and structured work program because it is multidisciplinary, this year roofing was carried out, electrical substations were built, classroom construction, electrification works were carried out and we also brought in this 2023 work program, a quite important work is the modernization of the wastewater sumps,” he explained.

Arámburo Bojórquez reported that the works are progressing in a timely manner to be completed in the coming weeks.

Source: Café Negro