Careful! Banxico warns users of constant bank transfers

A method used very frequently by banking users could undergo some alterations next year

Electronic bank transfers have become essential for many people in Mexico and the world, avoiding users from standing in long lines to make a deposit to another’s account or pay for certain services through the application of their main bank.

Due to its recent popularity, Banco de México has made the decision to strengthen cybersecurity in the Electronic Payment System (SPEI) and the Interbank Payment System in Dollars (SPID), with the objective of guaranteeing the integrity and security of these operations. financial, both nationally and internationally.

According to a statement recently issued by Banxico, for the SPID it will be essential that as of April 4, 2024, participating entities have an Information Security Officer (CISO).

The specialist in question will be responsible for ensuring compliance with functions and carrying out periodic evaluations of security requirements in the technological infrastructure, including third parties that may affect the operation.

Likewise, they recalled that on December 19, 2024, a circular will come into force that aims to strengthen security in the SPEI, introducing key concepts such as “cyber resilience”, a term that refers to the ability of participants to prevent, adapt, respond or recover your operation from cyber-attacks.

Source: San Diego Red