T-MEC port of Caxxor in Sinaloa, is it at risk?

Semanart denied the permits, but Governor Rubén Rocha Moya will find a way to ensure that this million-dollar investment does not go away

MAZATLAN.- The port that is intended to be built in Estación Dimas, San Ignacio, by Grupo Caxxor, could be at risk and Governor Rubén Rocha Moya will look for a way not to let go of the million-dollar investment that could change life in the south of Sinaloa.

This after the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources denied Grupo Caxxor’s construction request by not correcting certain criteria in its Environmental Impact Statement that range from damage to the ecosystem, including turtle nesting areas.

“I am already seeing it with Semarnat, why? There is no railway involved, it is just the port, if it were the railway, I would be right because I would have to cross the Cacaxtla Plateau, it is a Protected Natural Area and I am looking with Semarnat.”

Rocha Moya indicated that he will personally approach the Semarnat authorities, since his arguments could help investors and see a way for this project to continue standing for the strengthening and construction of the T-MEC corridor.

“I am checking that possibility because the MIA can deny it, but the arguments can be resolved and they are trying to ensure that this investment does not go away, it is a million-dollar investment and also very necessary,” he commented.

The 50-page document reported that this port, which would be built in the sea and would connect with Dimas beach, San Ignacio through a bridge, could cause damage to the nesting area of sea turtles, including some species in Danger of extinction.

Among the observations made to Grupo Caxxor are the location of the project, which is adjacent to the polygon of the Protected Natural Area with Sanctuary category called Playa Ceuta, which at the same time is a Ramsar Site, which means being a wetland with international importance.

In addition to the lack of studies, lack of public consultation, lack of studies on birds that migrate and nest in the area, as well as the presence of protected felines such as jaguars.

What is this project about?

The project consists of the construction and operation of a port with an approximate area of 345,437 hectares, which will be equipped with an offshore dock that will be located at a distance of approximately 6 kilometers from the beach, a double-track railway bridge with a length approximately 6 kilometers.

It will be connected to the dock supported by foundations fixed to the seabed through monopiles and rail towers.

The project in total contemplates a multimillion-dollar investment that will be used for an even larger project called the T-MEC Corridor. It is an industrial corridor that includes the construction of a railway that would cross the Sierra Madre Occidental and the states of Durango and Coahuila until reaching the United States and connecting with Winnipeg, in Canada.

Source: Punto