AMLO requests authorization for US military personnel to enter Mexico: What mission will they have here?

The delegation would enter aboard the C-130 Hercules aircraft, of the United States Air Force, and would land at the AIFA.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), through his Legal Counsel, requested the Senate of the Republic to allow a delegation of eleven US military personnel to enter Mexico, with the aim of providing special training to the country’s armed forces.

This Tuesday, in the Senate Gazette, the “request for authorization to allow the entry of military personnel of the Army of the United States of America into the national territory” was published.

According to the permit, it is detailed that the eleven soldiers will remain in Mexico for around two months (from January 23 to March 21, 2024), in order to train the troops assigned to Sedena. In addition, it is expected that they will enter with weapons, ammunition and equipment described in the “sole annex.”

“As part of the mechanism called the Military Bilateral Cooperation Round Table, the Secretariat of National Defense, in coordination with the Northern Command of the United States of America, carried out the ‘2024 Annual Activities Plan’, in which they planned to carry out various events in 2024, among them, the so-called “Strengthen the Capacities of the Special Forces of the Secretariat of National Defense,” indicates the letter sent to the president of the Senate Board of Directors, Ana Lilia Rivera.

Special operations command will train Mexican troops

The document, signed by the head of the Liaison Unit of the Presidency of the Republic, Esteban Martínez, explains that this military training will be carried out at the facilities of the Special Forces Training Center, in Temamatla, State of Mexico and the Regional Training Center of the 1st Military Region, in San Miguel de los Jagüeyes, also in the Mexican entity.

If authorized, the delegation would enter aboard the C-130 Hercules aircraft, of the United States Air Force, to land at the ‘Felipe Ángeles’ International Airport (AIFA) on January 22, 2024 and depart the country on March 22, 2024.

The group is made up of instructor elements from the 7th. United States Army Special Operations Command North Special Forces Group, a list of whose names was provided:

Morán, Arnulfo A.

McDowell, James A.

Onstad, Jeffery T.

Dees, Derick Q.

Yurong; Brandon A.

McFadden, Logan W.

Elliot, Gabriel K.

Gurkha, Maverik

Fernandez Abraham

Cherneski, Joseph E.

Calvo, Brian P.

Finally, in the request, the Presidency highlighted that the event will have the purpose of “promoting cooperation with the Armed Forces of the United States of America through the exchange of training, which will allow us to face common threats in the northern hemisphere of the American continent and will strengthen the military bilateral relationship.”

Source: El Financiero