Train construction in Sonora will not stop; environmental impact will be minimal: Governor

The Governor of Sonora affirms that environmental measures to mitigate the impact of the Aribabi Train are underway.

The federal government is carrying out measures to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact that the Aribabi Train would bring in Sonora, so the work will not stop, said Alfonso Durazo Montaño.

The state governor highlighted that he will hold a meeting with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa) and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) about the remediation of the environmental impact in the area.

The important thing is that the environmental impact has remediation and that they are open to proposals from civil society organizations whose commitment and ideas can enrich our vision and remedy the environmental impact in the best possible way,” he said.

Sonoran organizations in favor of the environment have demonstrated against the creation of this work by the federal government, which seeks to build a train that passes through Ímuris, due to the effects on the local flora and fauna.

Durazo Montaño pointed out that there is one year left until the conclusion of the environmental impact studies, but assured that each of the construction stages has a remediation project designed with the coordination of the aforementioned entities.

We did no less than 20 route tests and on a 63 kilometer route it is impossible for you not to have an environmental impact, what matters is that this impact is minimal and has adequate remediation and that is what we are going to do”.

The governor ruled out that the protests against this project were orchestrated by the opposition and considered that the protesters’ interest in safeguarding the environment is genuine.

Source: El Imparcial