Huge oar fish appears in Chiapas; residents fear natural disaster

Upon arriving at the coast, the fishermen took the marine specimen off the boat, hung it on a tree and measured it: four meters long.

A group of fishermen captured a specimen of a supposed four-meter-long rowing fish in the sea in the town of Paredón, municipality of Tonalá, Chiapas.

Fishermen and local residents took photographs and videos as a souvenir of the specimen’s appearance.

The incident occurred early Friday morning, when fishermen entered the sea to catch shrimp and mojarras, as they usually do every day. When they took the nets out of the sea and brought up the catch, they found the enormous Remo fish.

Natural disaster in Chiapas?

Upon arriving at the coast aboard their boats, fishermen hung the rowing fish on a tree.

Later they measured the specimen, and its length reached four meters long.

The fishermen of Chiapas affirm that they had never observed this specimen on the state’s coasts in previous years; They deduced that it was an Oarfish, and were impressed by the size of the marine animal.

A fisherman recorded the event on video; He claimed to have some fear, stating that this rowing fish would announce natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Japan in 2011, which led to a subsequent tsunami that devastated the coasts of the Asian island.

The oarfish is related to different beliefs around the world, linking it with natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones and hurricanes; There have been coincidences with its appearance and subsequent phenomena in various areas of the world.

Source: Milenio