Insecurity did not affect tourism in Veracruz; Iván Martínez Olvera clarifies

He mentions that 2023 has been one of the most important years for the tourism sector in the entity.

The head of the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture of Veracruz, Iván Martínez Olvera, assured that after 2014, when the Central American Games were held in Veracruz, 2023 has been one of the most important for the tourism sector in the entity.

When appearing before the Tourism Commission of the local Congress, he rejected that, acts of insecurity have affected this sector, since this year an economic recovery was achieved, since tourism activity allowed for a profit of more than 24 billion pesos with cut to last October.

He stated that this year the return on investment was generated more than 120 times what was invested by the state, with an attraction of tourists and visitors of more than 12 million people, of which 6.7% is foreign tourism.

The PAN legislator, Verónica Pulido Herrera, questioned the head of the agency about the acts of insecurity in the entity and the different alerts that have been issued in other countries for those who wish to visit Veracruz.

In this regard, the secretary asserted that a significant growth in visitors has been generated, which speaks of the recognition, support and acceptance that exists towards the state.

She indicated that in several countries the state is recognized for the tourist actions that are developed in different municipalities.

In addition, she stated that they work directly with state, municipal and federal agencies that allow the security of visitors to be generated in each massive event that takes place, so everyone has had a white balance.

“We are working with state and federal agencies, with the National Guard, SSP, PC, Municipal Police and all those involved in security matters,” she said.

Likewise, she explained that to prevent trafficking in persons and minors, training has been generated with service providers from 37 municipalities, “628 have been trained in the national code of conduct that each service provider must have regarding the issue of abuse and human trafficking.”


When defending the actions carried out in the agency, the secretary mentioned that this year there was record attendance in all the massive events organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, one of the most important being the Cumbre Tajín Festival, which in this edition It achieved the influx of more than 713 thousand people in the six days of activities.

For its part, the Salsa Fest had an attendance of 427 thousand people in three days; becoming the largest Salsa Festival in the world.

In addition, we carry out the Tourism Expo; the Xalapa International Festival and Its Culture; the First Edition of the Cempoala Festival; the Costa Esmeralda Fest; and the Nahua Summit; events where there was integration of music, culture, sports, tradition, gastronomy, crafts and folklore.

Likewise, Veracruz participated in five international events: The International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain; the International Fair of Magical Towns, in Los Angeles, California; the Houston Travel Fest, in Houston; Power Solutions México, in Chicago; and the Veracruz Road Show, in Houston, Dallas, Austin and Chicago.

At the national level, there was participation in the Tianguis Turístico 2023; at the Mexico City Tourism Festival; at Expo Indonesia in Mexico City, and the presentation of the “My Veracruz” destination in 14 promotional activations.

To promote destinations, events and festivals, 51 advertising campaigns, 141 press conferences and more than 4,200 publications on social networks were carried out, which allowed more than 2,100 million advertising impacts.

The projection of the image of Mi Veracruz, approved by the current Legislature as the permanent tourism brand for Veracruz, allowed increased demand within the tourism market.

As a result of the diversity of promotional actions and promotion of the entity, anchor events and tourist products were generated. This year, Veracruz was awarded the following awards: Mex Best for the Cumbre Tajín Festival, as the Best Cultural Festival in Mexico; Award for Innovation of the Mexican Tourism Product 2023, in the Cultural Tourism category, for “Naku” Restaurante Papanteco; Awarded by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Mexico; yp Award for the best of Mexico, in the category of Best Emerging Destination, for Isla Lobos; awarded by México Desconocido magazine.

For the development of the above, 73 agreements were made to promote tourism activity throughout the entire Veracruz territory, and with the sum of actions, one hundred 199 municipalities were impacted, which contributed to the economic growth of the seven tourist regions.


After almost eight years since the last appointment of Pueblo Mágico, this year Veracruz is among the states with the highest number of Pueblos Mágicos in the country with eight, since six ratifications were achieved: Coatepec, Coscomatepec, Orizaba, Papantla, Xico and Zozocolco; and two designations were obtained: Córdoba and Naolinco.

In addition, it is added, due to its charm, tradition and mysticism, to Xallitic, in Xalapa; with the naming of the First Magical Barium in Veracruz.

The synergy with the town councils has been constant, so under a development approach the names of municipalities with a tourist vocation were increased to 42, which has allowed tourism to be promoted in these areas and turned them into a factor of economic, inclusive and sustainable growth.

Source: Diario de Xalapa