Mazatlán boasts encouraging numbers in tourism and commerce

Last weekend there was a record of 95 percent in hospitality and it is expected to remain the same in the coming weeks, with good economic benefits.

MAZATLAN. – The last month of 2023 started with great activity in both the tourism and commercial spheres in this destination, registering a hotel occupancy of 95 percent during the first weekend of December, figures that predict an exceptional closing.

Miguel Hernández Fonseca, president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, highlighted that Mazatlán experienced an extraordinary weekend, attributing this success to the various sporting events that took place throughout the year, thus consolidating the position of sports tourism in the region.

“Without a doubt, football soccer and baseball have been the best allies, but this weekend the Marathon came together, which brought together hundreds of foreign, national and local athletes, contributing to attracting visitors and generating an important economic spill for Mazatlán,” he highlighted.

Regarding hotel occupancy, Hernández Fonseca reported that it exceeded 95 percent in the more than 20 thousand rooms of traditional and vacation rental hotels during the past weekend, and it is expected to remain at those levels thanks to the scheduled cyclotour for this weekend.

The main beneficiaries of this tourist influx are, undoubtedly, the restaurant sector in the beach and Historic Center areas, as well as shops, bars, the Aquarium and, especially, public transportation, not to mention hotels and vacation rentals.

In addition to the athletes participating in the Marathon, the city received visitors from various parts of the country during the weekend, and an equally high occupancy of 95 percent is expected in the coming days.

Regarding local commerce, Hernández Fonseca pointed out a notable increase in sales during the holiday season, a trend that is expected to continue until the end of the year. Sectors such as the sale of clothing, toys and Christmas items have experienced a significant increase prior to the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Source: Punto