With the state program “Our Tianguis” they benefit 105 merchants of this sector in Mazatlán

According to a census carried out, there are around 5 thousand tianguistas in Sinaloa.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The Ministry of Economy in Sinaloa benefited 105 merchants from the different markets that exist in Mazatlán, through the “Our Tianguis” program, with the delivery of various supports in kind, in an event that was held this Thursday at Parque Lineal.

José Ángel Fierro, director of the program, commented that this support consists of training for registered tianguistas, in which they learn about costs, marketing, finances and personal motivation, in addition they were given a table, a tent with a raincoat, a chair and a personalized tarp with the name of your business.

He pointed out that 229 interested parties registered since, however, due to lack of requirements and not attending the training, only 105 benefited.

“This time there are 105 beneficiaries. I can give you the information, in Mazatlán 229 participated, 229 people were trained and right now, as you mention, the main requirement or condition is to attend the four training sessions that we gave and provide support, all of this for the sake of transparency. “what the resource was generated”.

He said that for them it is a win-win, since they are turning to see a sector that had not been seen in recent years and that is the basis of the economy, the impulse of families, in addition to the fact that there are many who are dedicated to the trade sector in flea markets.

The state official mentioned that in Sinaloa, according to a census carried out for this first stage, there are around 5,000 tianguistas, but he added that he believes there are more, since not all of them are registered for the program.

The four formal flea markets that exist in Mazatlán were included in the support program, and are located in the Flores Magón, Benito Juárez, Francisco Villa neighborhoods and in the Villa Unión municipality.

Source: Linea Directa