Mexico’s first beach resort is transformed: 5 reasons to visit Mazatlan now

The tourism boom that began in the 1940s with Hollywood superstars like John Wayne and Robert Mitchum flocking to Mazatlan’s Playa Olas Altas, Mexico’s first beach resort, continued until the ’90s, when stylish new resorts like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas lured vacationers.

Now the tables are turning. Since 2017, millions in public and private sector investment in Mazatlan’s tourism and municipal infrastructure have resulted in new attractions, stadiums and parks, renovated and new hotels and restaurants, a restored historic centre and improved infrastructure.

Those who have visited previously will surely be surprised. I certainly was on my recent return, after a four-year absence. And, for those who have never been, it’s time to experience the improved Mazatlan.

The city’s renaissance is heralded by its new star attraction, the Gran Acuario Mazatlan, which opened in March in the new Parque Central (Central Park). Three times larger than the former aquarium, it’s the largest in Mexico and Latin America and the world’s only dedicated to exhibiting the rich biodiversity of the Sea of Cortez. Also called… Read full article here