They warn that facades of new buildings in Mazatlán would not withstand a category 5 hurricane, like the one that devastated Acapulco

Mazatlán, Sin.- The facades of the new buildings that are being built in the port of Mazatlán could not withstand a category 5 hurricane like the one that hit Acapulco, as stated by Martín González Castañeda, vice president of institutions of the Mexican Chamber of the Sinaloa Sur Construction industry.

“The new ones that are being built, bring a technology that perhaps in an event of this nature (hurricane), could not resist what the facades are, the old buildings can be said, those are prepared to withstand an effect of this nature . But they are lower, right? “They are the ones that are lower, they are the ones that are built with different materials, it is not that they are better built, they are built with different, more resistant materials.”

He expressed that the Sinaloa port is not exempt from the impact of a category 5 hurricane and highlighted that it is not prepared for this type of phenomenon either, because the facades of the hotels that are being built are exposed and would not have been designed for such a phenomenon.

That is why he said that as a result of what happened in Acapulco, construction regulations and construction standards and laws have to change in the sense of how to protect an investment of that nature.

He mentioned that it is necessary to analyze what type of material has to be used in the coastal area, since at this time in Mazatlán the new buildings that are being, the facades built could not withstand in a category 5 cyclone, while the old buildings Yes, they can withstand the impact of an intense phenomenon.

Source: Los Noticieristas