They will expand ‘Munich Avenue’ with more lanes

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin pointed out that by 2024 they will work on expanding the avenue right in the section of the ‘El Encanto’ soccer stadium.

MAZATLAN.- Goodbye to traffic? By 2024, municipal authorities plan to carry out an expansion on Múnich Avenue, which will favor circulation to the El Encanto soccer stadium and a large population living in the area.

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin pointed out that studies are already being carried out so that the aforementioned expansion can begin next year, which will consist of the creation of additional lanes.

“Currently it is reduced to a single lane, and if you look closely, that is where the bottleneck forms when trying to exit. Our intention is to expand it, maintaining the median and adding 4 or 6 lanes, connecting it with the bypass to facilitate immediate greater relief. “

González Zataráin indicated that these improvements not only seek to alleviate the traffic generated during soccer games, but also address the daily problems faced by the population of the area, which includes all of the Praderas Doradas and other neighborhoods.

The municipal government will work on the expansion of Munich Avenue and will seek the collaboration of the state government to improve another road, known as Monte Rivereño, which surrounds the soccer stadium, with the aim of having alternative routes that connect with the city.

«There is another road that surrounds the stadium, we are evaluating if the state government can help us with that. It is called Monte Rivereño and it would also connect with the Libramiento, but in another area, thus avoiding congestion on a single avenue. “That’s what we’re projecting.”

Although he did not give an estimate of how much could be invested in the expansion and improvement of Munich Avenue, the mayor indicated that the amount is somewhat high so they are working quickly on the study and thus include it in the works budget for 2024.

Although he did not provide an exact estimate of the investment needed to expand and improve Munich Avenue, the mayor mentioned that the amount is considerable. Therefore, they are working diligently on the study to include it in the works budget for the year 2024.

Source: Punto