After agreements between the US and Mexico to stop migrants, they close the Mobility Center in Oaxaca

From October to date, more than 181 thousand foreigners left this space by bus heading to the capital of the country, according to official data

After agreements between the US and Mexico to stop migrants, they close the Mobility Center in Oaxaca Juchitán.

Officials from the federal and Oaxaca governments reported that the Migratory Mobility Center (CMM) of Juchitán will close its operations next Thursday, January 4 and that the opening of any other simulated space in the entity that facilitates the transit of foreigners is not contemplated, this after the agreements between Mexico and the United States to contain migration.

Said CMM opened on September 25 and until yesterday December 30, the authorities recorded the registration of 29 thousand 817 migrants who moved to the Oaxacan capital and 151 thousand 645 foreigners to Mexico City, making a total of 181 thousand 462 migrants.

On behalf of the federal government, the delegate of the Secretariat of the Interior (Segob) federal in Oaxaca and representing the Secretariat of Government of Oaxaca (Sego), the delegate of Peace in Juchitán, Angelino López Cortés, announced the closure of operations of the CMM.

According to the authorities, the CMM of Juchitán completed its cycle and also a decrease in the migratory flow is observed; however, in the municipalities of Tapanatepec, Zanatepec, Niltepec and Ingenio Santo Domingo, there are groups of migrants who move on foot.

The authorities specified that, for no reason, another CMM will be opened like the one that was projected to be enabled in San Pedro Tapanatepec, where from July to December of last year the National Institute of Migration (INM), granted more than half a million transit permits.

The closure of the CMM of Juchitán, the one of San Sebastián Tutla closed on October 30, and the announcement that no other center that facilitates public transport for the transfer of migrants will be opened, occurs after the agreement of Mexico and the US to contain migration.

The migrant caravan continues

The official statements about the decrease in the flow of foreigners were dismissed by the coordinator of the Center for Human Dignity, Luis Rey García Villagrán, who leads a caravan of more than 5 thousand migrants from Tapachula, Chiapas, denied that there is a decrease in the migratory flow.

“The argument of the authorities is false, on the contrary, the flow of migrants grows and by Thursday 4, we could be entering the territory of Oaxaca with about 10 thousand migrants determined to walk forward,” he said.

For the next January 2, García Villagrán added, 6 thousand migrants who requested protection before the four courts of Tapachula will wait for the response of the magistrates who must answer if they protect or not the migrants who ask to respect the right to mobility.

“The Mexican government is incurring in a criminal policy by yielding to the pressures of the US government that wants to contain, at all costs, the passage of migrants who travel alone, in small family groups or in massive caravans,” he accused.

Source: El Universal