Giant waves will return to California next week

The imposing phenomenon of the waves known as “King Waves” will hit the coasts of southern California again next week, urging residents and visitors to take precautionary measures.

The increase in wave height, which has characterized the last few days, is scheduled to return to southern California due to the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon, which tend to generate high tides.

This phenomenon is expected to manifest on Thursday, January 11, with possibilities of persisting even on the 12th, reaching estimated heights of up to 7 feet, according to reports.

Last week, we experienced a swell that exceeded 11 feet in height, resulting in multiple coastal closures, damage to local piers and other disruptions along the beaches of San Diego.

It is crucial to emphasize that these waves differ from those generated by the winds blowing directly towards the coast. This phenomenon, known as “spring tide”, is related to the almost perfect alignment of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. These events, which combine the “spring tides” with the proximity of the Moon to the Earth, cause this type of swell and occur only a few times a year.

For those planning to visit the coast, they are warned about the possibility of finding flooded parking lots in the morning or exposed reefs and rocks in the afternoon, depending on the location. Additional precautions are recommended and stay informed about coastal conditions in the coming days.

The phenomenon of the “King Waves” will return to the coasts of southern California, so it is urged to take precautions.

Source: San Diego Red