In Jalisco, you need to earn between 20 to 30 thousand pesos

In Jalisco, you need to earn between 20 to 30 thousand pesos to have a quality of life; 47% earn a minimum wage of 7,500 pesos

Nationally, it is said that people who earn a minimum wage in Mexico, which is 47 percent of the population, can buy 24 products from the basic basket in an accessible, cheap way.

Here in Jalisco, it is recorded that 829 pesos are paid, but why limit Mexicans to consume only those 24 products because the salary is not enough?

The academic and specialist in economics from the University of Guadalajara, Héctor Iván del Toro Ríos argued that to have a quality of life, where people have access to the 123 products of the basic basket, as well as the payment of services: light, water, telephone, lp gas, a salary of 20 to 30 thousand pesos per month is required.

However, today the salary earned by the poorest sector of Jalisco and Mexico is 7,500 pesos per month.

In the state it is 28 percent of the population, that is, more than 2 million people.

“This type of classification should not be taken because people really have diversification of products and food that they have to buy in order to satisfy their natural demands.

In this case, talking about only 23 products is limiting the living conditions of people because we have to take into account that within the expense there are also leisure activities”.

The Argentine writer, Eduardo Galeano, in his book “The World Upside Down” referred that the Latin American economy is a slave economy that becomes postmodern: it pays African salaries, charges European prices, and injustice and violence are the goods that are produced with higher efficiency.

Although the federal government has promoted the annual increase in the minimum wage, the reality is that people do not manage to get out of poverty because the price of the market products increases more, exceeds the salary conditions.

“Practically the workers at the expense that the minimum wage has increased, we cannot enjoy 100 percent of it, simply because people due to the inflationary implications that we have today can only make use and enjoyment of 94.75 percent of our salary.

What represents of those 7,400 pesos, the use of 7,075 pesos.

We have a loss of around 392 pesos that is equivalent to 5.25 percent of the salary that is lost due to the inflation that is experienced today”.

The January slope is a slope that will drag on until mid-March. The Bank of Mexico refers that in the country the increase in inflation is 4.33 percent; however, academics from the UdeG record that it is 5.3 percent.

Source: UDGTV