Don’t miss it! Reservations for cabins in Durango increase for April solar eclipse

The state is one of the privileged places to be able to appreciate this astronomical phenomenon.

Derived from the date established to be able to appreciate, in its maximum splendor, the astronomical phenomenon of the 2024 solar eclipse, the head of the Association of Tour Operators in the State of Durango, Rafael Sarmiento Aguirre, announced that reservations for ecotourism centers have improved their demand considerably, especially those located in the municipalities of Nazas, the Comarca Lagunera and the Sierra Madre Occidental.

According to what was mentioned by the interviewee, Durango, being one of the privileged places to be able to appreciate this darkening, could generate an occupancy of 100% in each of its complexes, however, the only drawback that the owners have expressed so far, is that, the most critical point of the eclipse will occur on the march of Monday, April 8.

They prepare tourist packages “Durango is one of the States that has been privileged by its geographical location, however, since it occurs on Monday, April 8, what will happen is that many people will have to limit themselves by the date, however, I think that if we ourselves make the packages and start to make a much more detailed planning, an itinerary that allows capturing the attention of visitors, not only to witness this phenomenon but also to enjoy our landscapes, well, I think we could be generating a good synergy for the state,” said the representative of tour operators.

In the same way, Sarmiento Aguirre emphasized that a lodging scheme has been contemplated that allows, at least, to offer two nights of stay, either starting from the same weekend or starting from the day of the eclipse with departure the next day.

Tourists come from other states “We have already been receiving calls from other States such as Nuevo León and, even from Mexico City itself, and they have told us that they want to come to Durango from before, that’s why, I think that this month will be key to be able to obtain a margin of the percentage that we will be managing at the beginning of April, however, we want to make a call for all the people who are interested in reserving, to do it with the most time in advance because we do not know how the demand can be triggered from one day to another,” the tour operator recalled.

Finally, Rafael Sarmiento pointed out that, it is necessary that the guild he represents maintain their costs to avoid leaving empty cabins, since, until now, he has known of a couple of complexes that have raised their rental price, specifically for this event.

Source: Milenio