Greet the sun from the Faro Mazatlán. Yoga and other activities to do

If you thought that you only went to the Faro Mazatlán to climb the top and take photos, you are wrong, take advantage and start 2024 with everything

MAZATLÁN. – January is about to end and if you still haven’t started with the purpose of being a more active person, the Faro Mazatlán is the ideal place to do it, can you imagine greeting the sun from the top?

On the Crestón hill it is not only to climb it in one go, it also has recreational activities that may interest you to stretch, relax and spend a different afternoon.

Yoga and meditation in nature Kindali Yoga with Tere Peraza will teach a yoga session at 7:30 am on January 21. The meeting point will be the second roundabout of the hill towards the Faro. This will be your opportunity to start the day with everything.

What do you need?

Yoga mat or towel, water to hydrate yourself, comfortable clothes and sunscreen.

Storytelling from the Crestón

In that same place, La Casa del Caracol, with Laura Medina, there will be a session to share a reading. It will be on January 28 at 8:00 am.

The best thing is that all these activities are free of charge.

In addition, every Sunday, the Faro Mazatlán Natural Park has group activities in the breakwater area for the whole family. What benefits does exercising have? Among them, it improves our short-term memory, depression and anxiety.

It also favors our concentration, protects our sight and minimizes our mental fatigue.

Other activities you can do at the Faro Mazatlán Walk

Do it slowly, look around, learn about its flora and fauna. In Mazatlán there are groups to observe birds, some are endemic, that is, native to the area, others are foreign, birds that migrate from other countries to Mazatlán for its climate.

This is the second time that the Faro Mazatlán Natural Park launches activities to start the year well relaxed and unhurried.

Respect the rules

Of course, if you are there you must follow the recommendations and the regulations, as being a natural park, everyone who goes up must take care of it so that it remains in good condition. Among them are:

No street vending

No entry with food

No smoking

No pets

No weapons and / or paint

No bonfires

Forbidden to feed the fauna

No speakers

Among others

Source: Punto