They take barracks and retain 184 workers of the Oaxaca State Police

A conflict between the municipalities of Ánimas Trujano and Santa María Coyotepec keeps the Morenista government of Salomón Jara Cruz in check, because the State Police Barracks is taken over where 184 workers have spent 24 hours being held while the federal highway 175 is blocked and the union of bureaucrats protests to demand the release of their members.

The person in charge of the internal policy, Jesús Romero López, posted on his account on the social network X @jesusromerooax:

“An inter-municipal problem cannot be solved by violence, conditioning the State Gov to favor any of the parties and much less kidnapping Oaxacan citizens as hostages in strategic facilities, he invited the communities of Animas Trujano and Santa María Coyotepec to return to the path of dialogue to resolve their differences. The SEGO appeals to the common sense of the parties and that they weigh the human rights of people who have nothing to do with a conflict of an agrarian and social nature. “

Romero López acknowledged that the conflict originated from some drainage works that were started by inhabitants of a colony that administratively belongs to the municipality of Ánimas Trujano, but that agrarianly belongs to Santa María Coyotepec, whose authorities were not informed and for which they decided to block the accesses to the State Police Barracks, where 220 workers were held, including administrative and uniformed.

Faced with the pressure exerted by the union of bureaucrats through blockades, the Government Secretariat confirmed that 35 workers were released, mainly women who have children and who were not allowed to leave for 24 hours.

This reveals that 184 workers still remain as hostages in the facilities of the Oaxaca Public Security Secretariat.

The executive committee of the union of bureaucrats stated that “we are not currency of exchange or negotiation”, for which “we reject the violent acts and kidnapping that violate the human rights of the workers and the citizenship in general”.

And they demanded the governor Salomón Jara his immediate intervention so that the release of our colleagues is given. “

For its part, the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) reported that it “guarantees the patrolling and surveillance services throughout the Oaxacan territory despite the takeover of the facilities of the State Police Barracks located in Santa María Coyotepec, by part of the inhabitants of this same municipality “.

And he clarified that “this protest is of a social nature, so it does not affect the operational tasks that are carried out daily in the Oaxacan capital and in the regional commands of the State Police, where the operations are carried out normally.”

He stressed that this corporation “is respectful of the right to free citizen demonstration and the axes of the Program to Strengthen Public Security promoted by the Government of Oaxaca to address social conflict, prioritizing dialogue as the main mechanism in conflict resolution. “

Regarding the other blockade, the Government Secretariat (Sego) disapproved of the radical position of a group of inhabitants of the Vicente Guerrero agency, belonging to Villa de Zaachila, who since this Friday morning have maintained a blockade on the Federal Highway 175, at the height of the Y crossroads.

He acknowledged that the people who are obstructing the passage in this place have refused to use the dialogue route to find a definitive solution to their proposals, for which the Sego reiterates that pressure is not the mechanism of solution.

Source: Proceso