Mazatlán Historic Center: most instagrammable places

If you want to keep a beautiful memory of Mazatlan forever, in addition to its incredible sunsets, look for these places and take the photo

MAZATLAN.- Are you on vacation in Mazatlan? The Historic Center is one of the best places for tourists who are looking for the best place to capture the instagramable photo of their vacation.

Tourists do not know the City and some locals have not entered much in the Historic Center, therefore, in Punto MX we have set ourselves the task of choosing the most Instagramable walls/backgrounds of the Historic Center, places a little more unknown than the already traditional Angel Flores and Plazuela Machado. Do you dare to take the tour?

The most instagramable sites

Frames with nature

This point is one of the favorites of the Mazatlecos and tourists, the blue green of the wall contrasts with the beige frames that, together with the vines that bloom in season, result in an incredible photo.

Location: Calle Angel and Heriberto Frias


Our second spot is another favorite, people look for taking pictures here because of the color combination and the bougainvillea plant that adds a different style to the photo. In addition to mentioning that the architecture of the Historic Center is noticeable in the finishes.

Location: Calle Libertad

Fotos: Cortesía

El Clavadista  

This point is not so well known, but if one of the most beautiful since it portrays one of the most traditional activities of Mazatlan that is the Diver, that brave person who throws himself from the monument that bears the same name. What makes this background special is that right in front there is a palm tree that with the sunlight reflects a shadow on the painting, but this shadow seems to be part of the same work.

Location: Calle Baltazar Izaguirre Rojo and Niños Héroes


La dedicatoria  

Around the Historic Center you will find some phrases engraved on the walls, one of the most popular is the one that says: “Mine was an act of justice. I stole a kiss from you because you had been stealing my sleep for months”. Here the lovers usually take a photo. The fact that the environment looks old is something that they love more.

Location: Calle Baltazar Izaguirre Rojo and Venus


Calle Venus  

It is one of the most beautiful streets in the area, but it has a space that is everyone’s favorite, becoming a must-see. It is the yellow house with blue and that has quite leafy vines that add an original touch to the photograph.


Azul Cantina Fina  

This is a bar and the fun thing is its concept are the agave murals that it has on its exterior. And it is not just a spot for photos, but it has two and so you can choose which of the two you like the most.

Location: Calle Mariano Escobedo and Niños Héroes


Source: Punto