The border is also Mexico: Enough of the inaction of the Mexican State

For several years we have been talking about drug trafficking, and how little by little, in addition to gaining ground, their activities are escalating, Now it is not the sale of drugs, weapons. They exercise power over trafficking networks, extort and kill migrants, charge floor rights to economic activities, and worse, control territories and dispossess; now they do it for mining reasons.

What we live in Chiapas, and nobody can deny it, is that they face each other for the control of the territory two cartels, both very powerful: The Sinaloa Cartel, the strongest and longest in the entity, and the Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), who from Central America and the north and west of the country, has been facing what he considers to be his main enemy, which is the Sinaloa Cartel.

In the border mountain region, from the municipality of Frontera Comalapa and towards Chicomuselo are those of the Jalisco cartel, from Comitán, Trinitaria and in the mountains those of Sinaloa. Roughly speaking, what we see is a stage in which Sinaloa has decided to end Jalisco, and that increases the attacks on its base: MAIZ. This group is a civil face, which now victimizes itself by the entry of the army into the communities, center and heart of the way in which the Cartels are gaining presence.

In the Sierra and Frontera, the presence of a society that does not support any cartel is diluted, and that defends itself as it can. A reason that is not wanted to be addressed is that the population does not trust the security institutions and now the army and the National Guard. In the region of Cintalapa, the CDS has decided to exercise control against the citizenry, since they put checkpoints as if they were the army, forcing those who retain them to be checked by lowering them from their cars, they ask for the cell phone and register their number (neither migration nor soldiers do that).

Not to mention on the border or in the mountains. Control is not of public security, not at least from Chamic, passing through the border or in sections of the road to the coast, in Cintalapa, or in “Malpasito”, via Veracruz where the groups of what is known as organized crime share the “security” in several portions, with ministerial police, migration, national guard and the army.

Chiapas in this war puts the disappeared, the extortion and the dead. In the jungle there are regions with control of organized crime (CDS). And the government institution of the Mexican State that should protect us, it turns out that, if there are no complaints in between, it does not recognize the violence (much less will it recognize that the army is under the command of the Cartels).

In several communities that are not with some of the cartels and have observed the omission of the armed forces that go to certain places and put checkpoints, and stay a few hours, but let people from the cartels pass, or flatly support some of them, they decide not to let them pass to their communities.

We have observed in some checkpoints that they do not identify themselves, they just go up checking, apparently, “migrants”, but also those who get on buses and are in checkpoints, look more like “hawk” (informants) type people, and as some drivers comment, they are “organized crime”.

The dynamics of the violence that is experienced in this period of war in Chiapas, hurts society, hurts the social process that should be aimed at improving the situation of Chiapas that is now an entity that migrates, but also expels from its territories hundreds of people because of the non-human violence produced by the cartels.

Here is the translation of the text to English:

The society normalizes violence, every time, being so everyday, it ends up accepting it, even, many families, willingly or by force, become accomplices, that is why, before the inaction of the Mexican State that denies that there is this violence and that now has as a category of analysis “socio-organizational processes”.

It is undoubtedly a social phenomenon, an anomie (they do not respect rules or codes), and that is the product of violent social actors who have as their objective the power of money, and the social power to subdue those who they suppose are their opponents. The fight of the cartels is for themselves, since they have neither principles, much less values, that is why they end up in these non-human practices.

It is necessary that the authorities stop nonsense, informing is an obligation of the Mexican State, it is incredible that the president thinks that a “morning conference”, will change the families or, the cartels. On the contrary, the more impunity, we will see the decomposition that today characterizes Mexican society.

Recovering public space, allowing society to resume its activities, its deserved rest, that youth recreate themselves in various activities, and give them alternatives that today, the own “transformation” is not giving them.

There are alternatives, hopefully the team of the presidency and the president himself see what has been done in Iztapalapa, or what has been done in the city of Medellín in Colombia. As I have learned, it is enough to know how to look and listen, just that. It is already necessary that the Mexican State stop the inaction. Chiapas is also Mexico.

By: Gerardo González Figueroa

Source: Chiapas Paralelo