Security and migration, the issues that US congressmen addressed on meeting with AMLO

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, January 23, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) met with legislators from the United States at the National Palace to discuss different topics of interest; Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena and the Americans Michael Mccaul, Randy Weber and Henry Cuellar also met there.

After a two-hour meeting, the United States congressmen addressed some topics that they discussed with the president of Mexico and his work team, but what were the topics they touched on? They shared this on social networks.

The Americans highlighted that it is important to continue working as a team with Mexico considering that they are partners, while adding that they will seek measures that favor the field of migration and security.

“Well, we know that we need to work with the Mexican side. It’s very important to have that. We are partners, and we are going to look for ideas on how we can work with Mexico in many ways. Because in the past, in the nineties, they were Mexicans who went to the United States to work. Now we have people coming from more than 50 countries in the world, and we want to take the measures that we can manage security and immigration,” they stated.

They added the importance of working in the commerce, tourism, and visa sectors given the large number of Mexicans who work in the United States, while they do not plan to neglect the issue of migrants.

“Commerce, tourism, visas to have more Mexicans and go to work in the United States is very important. And also security, which is something about immigration, that we are going to work together as partners,” they stressed.

Different figures from Mexican politics were present at the place, such as the secretary of the interior, Luisa María Alcalde; security, Rosa Icela Rodríguez; the head of SRE, Alicia Bárcena, and the secretary of defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval.

In the case of the Mexican representatives, they highlighted that they seek to have a joint view to work with the migration crisis that is currently being experienced, mainly on the southern border of the country.

“We are going to work together with a regional perspective, also supporting the southern border of Mexico, Guatemala, the southern countries, and the causes of immigration that interest us greatly,” said Bárcena, while AMLO wrote that they share the criteria of that they must work together for the good of the countries even with the normal differences.

Source: TV Azteca

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