Are you looking to rent a house in Mexico City? These colonies offer the most affordable prices

According to data from, currently, renting a house or apartment in the capital of the country has an average monthly rent price of 15,541 pesos

The high prices of housing for sale and the lack of new inventories with location close to work centers and services, have made renting one of the most requested options to live in Mexico City.

In this sense, some areas of the capital have emerged as references for the new generation that seeks a home; however, the monthly costs are often high and even unaffordable for some people.

Despite this, the platform indicated that there are some rental options at an average cost accessible to all those who seek to become independent or simply explore a more comfortable area to live during 2024.

According to the proptech, currently, housing in Mexico City has an average monthly rent price of 15,541 pesos. It should be remembered that the cost goes hand in hand with supply and demand, and an inflationary increase is also reflected.

“This amount is only for apartments regardless of location, amenities or other factors that alter the price. The properties that are most sought after on our platform are those that have two bedrooms, one bathroom and one parking space,” said Melisa Gaitán, director of sales and operation of

In addition, the specialist reported that the greatest complexity for those who intend to rent a property in the capital of the country is the requirement of the guarantor, since seven out of 10 people do not have one, so she highlighted the importance of technological inclusion to avoid obsolete procedures like this to give accessibility to housing.

Below is a list of attractive neighborhoods to rent housing this 2024, in which, according to Homie data, you can find properties below the average cost per borough:

Venustiano Carranza: 8,623 pesos per month

Valentín Gómez Farías, Jardín Balbuena and Moctezuma 1a Sección.

Xochimilco: 8,891 pesos per month

Santa María Tepepan, San Lorenzo La Cebada and AMP Tepepan.

Iztacalco: 9,027 pesos per month

Militar Marte, Gabriel Ramos Millán and Viaducto Piedad.

Gustavo A. Madero: 10,613 pesos per month

Martín Carrera, Pueblo de Santiago Atzacoalco and Lindavista Norte.

Azcapotzalco: 11,240 pesos per month

Santa Bárbara, Nueva Santa María and Clavería.

Tlalpan: 14,540 pesos per month

La Joya, Villa Lázaro Cárdenas and Granjas Coapa.

Cuauhtémoc: 16,846 pesos per month

Algarín, Ex Hipódromo de la Peralvillo and Tránsito.

Coyoacán: 16,618 pesos per month

Del Carmen, Santa Catarina and Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

Benito Juárez: Average 16,916 pesos per month

Crédito Constructor, Insurgentes San Borja and Moderna.

Miguel Hidalgo: 16,905 pesos per month

Popotla, Argentina Poniente and Tlaxpana.

Álvaro Obregón: 18,384 pesos per month

Olivar de los Padres, Ampliación Las Águilas and Olivar del Conde.

Source: El Economista