Definitive suspension granted to mega-tourism project Punta Colorada in Oaxaca

The seventh District judge based in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, granted the definitive suspension against the mega-tourism project Punta Colorada, promoted by the state government to build a residential condominium on 111 hectares of the ecological reserve of Puerto Escondido.

The suspension is the result of a collective injunction filed by 298 environmentalists and neighbors of the place who oppose the government’s intention to create real estate developers in Punta Colorada, the last virgin beach that survives in Puerto Escondido, for representing a threat to the ecosystem and violating their right to a healthy environment.

The residents assured that they were never consulted about the mega-project, even though the government of Salomón Jara indicated in September 2023 that it would take into account the people for its implementation.

Since the filing of the injunction, the defenders of the beach highlighted that the mega-project “would destroy the important coral and coastal interaction that this area has for countless marine species, among them sea turtles, being of greater importance the Leatherback turtle -the largest in the world- and that is in a critical state of extinction”, as Almendra Gómez Leyva explained in December 2023.

The suspension granted directly links the state government, the authorities of San Pedro Mixtepec and the legal adviser of the Government of Oaxaca, who are prohibited from granting any permit or construction license in Punta Colorada.

The injunction was filed in 2023 by the coalition “Save Puerto Escondido”, made up of the collectives Costa Unida, SOS Puerto and Save Colorada, and whose slogan is: “Punta Colorada is not for sale. No to mega-projects that exploit the natural reserves of Puerto Escondido without permission from the peoples”.

Source: Resumen Latiniamericano