Mérida-Teya station of the Mayan Train floods

Just a few weeks after the inauguration of the Mérida- Teya station of the Maya Train, floods were reported inside this space last Sunday, as a consequence of the rains that occurred in the region.

This was captured by users, who through social networks, displayed some images where you can see staff of the Maya Train, performing cleaning tasks and removing the water, which abundantly stagnated in the lobby of that station.

This situation has generated all kinds of comments, causing in turn, a contrast of opinions ranging from justification to humor and mockery.

It is important to mention that in recent dates, a mechanical failure in the Maya Train, on the Cancún – Palenque route, caused the passengers to spend more than six hours stranded and that they were sent back to the station at the Cancun Airport.

Likewise, they point out that it was not until 5 pm on this same Friday, when those in charge of the section provided them with a solution to their problem.

Source: Sipse