Man arrested for assaulting tourists in Mazatlán

MAZATLÁN._ Lifeguards arrested a homeless man who became aggressive and attacked several tourists with a stick at a beachfront restaurant.

At 11:00 a.m. preventive agents received a report of a brawl in a palapa located on the sand of the beach, on Avenida del and Rafael Domínguez in the Palos Prietos neighborhood.

The report indicated that a homeless man attacked with a stick several diners at a beach restaurant, when the uniformed men arrived, the upset man entered the beach to avoid being arrested, but the preventive agents requested the support of the Lifeguards, who entered the sea to subdue him.

The unusual arrest went viral on social networks, as even among the waves, the offender resisted arrest and for minutes kept his captors away, throwing blows left and right, but he was finally subdued and taken out of the water.

Already on the sand he was handcuffed by Municipal Police who put him in a patrol car to take him to the cells of the Citizen Attention Center where he was detained.

Source: Noreste