AMOTAC announces national transport strike; they will block main accesses to CDMX

In a statement, the Mexican Alliance of Transport Organization A.C. announced that they will carry out a strike in the 32 entities of the country on Thursday, February 15 at 8:00 am, especially on roads; for the case of CDMX they threatened to close the main accesses to the capital, as it happens with the Mexico-Queretaro highway, which many izcallenses use to get to their jobs.

This decision, they pointed out, is derived from the lack of compliance of the authorities “that represent the security and good functioning of the federal transport, as well as the municipal and state governments involved.

The association includes in its petition:

-Road safety

-Prohibition of the double articulated vehicle type tank and regulation of the vehicle fleet.

-Plating by the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SICT) for cargo and tourism vehicles of outdated model.

-Official rates of operation of cargo transport.

-Reclassification of roads.

-Elimination of the municipal permit, since “they are not willing to pay for the simple fact of doing their work”.

-That the abuses and extortions by federal, state and municipal police be stopped.

-Return of toll roads, since they refer “some governments made them toll”.

And they ended by sentencing “The carrier is still considered the petty cash of the authorities”. Therefore, we recommend you take precautions.

Source: Periodico de Izcalli