Carnaval Cancún 2024: know the activities and musical groups that will participate

The activities of the carnival of Cancún will take place from Thursday 8 to Wednesday 13 of February.

The Carnaval of Cancún is only a few days away from starting, inviting citizens and tourists to enjoy from 8 to 13 of February the performances of Grupo Cañaveral, Los Ilegales, Merenglass, La Trakalosa de Monterrey and Los Súper Lamas.

According to a statement, with joy and excitement, the municipal president, Ana Paty Peralta, announced the artistic program of the Carnaval Cancún 2024, which during six days of fun, dance, live music, comparsas and a great family atmosphere, thousands of people will appreciate it in the esplanade of the Plaza la Reforma, from 17:30 hours.

“Cancunenses with great emotion let’s celebrate our Carnaval Cancún Nos Une 2024. In family let’s enjoy from 8 to 13 of February in our Plaza de la Reforma with many surprises, live shows, musical groups like Merenglass, La Trakalosa and Los Súper Lamas; besides, our great parade that unites us as cancunenses”, announced the mayor.

Activities of the carnival of Cancún 2024

On the first day of activities, she explained, the burning of the bad mood and the reading of the carnival band will be carried out; while on the day

Friday 9 of February, the party will arrive with the melodies of Grupo Cañaveral, added to the coronation of the queens and kings of the Carnaval;

on Saturday 10, the evening will be accompanied by Grupo Los Ilegales;

on Sunday 11, families will be able to dance to the rhythm of Merenglass;

on Monday 12, Edwin Luna and la Trakalosa de Monterrey will be presented;

on Tuesday 13, with Los Super Lamas.

She added that Cancún will show that it has talent, as 33 comparsas will be presented, with about 1,500 dancers, who will present their shows for all families.

She specified that 15 allegorical cars will participate, of which five will carry the kings and queens; while another five will compete in the official contest and the last five will represent different groups, together with various vehicles that will also be part of the traditional parade.

Finally, she said that the tour of the colorful allegorical cars will take place from 10 to 13 of February, from Av. Chichen Itzá with Av. Tulum in north to south direction, until reaching the roundabout known as “El Ceviche”, where they return to the Municipal Palace and there each route will end.

Source: Sipse