They will do a tour in the markets of Mérida

In the second half of February, the tourist tours in the markets of Mérida will begin, the pilot test will be only in the Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets, but it is intended to include all those that are in the center and the outskirts.

This was reported by Sergio Antonio Nava Aguilar, president of the Public Markets Foundation of Yucatán, who added that the tours are already ready and that there are 12 tourist guides who will be participating.

“This group of guides are the ones who have worked with the municipality in different activities, in fact, the municipality will pay them maybe two tours per week, which will have no cost for the tourist, but they are also already seeing the possibility of offering them on their own and that if with cost, and the tour operators could also promote them”.

He pointed out that the foreign tourist and mainly the European always asks them to take them to the markets, and with this project they will start doing it.

He commented that to make the tours more attractive, in the cultural square that was recently inaugurated on the upper floor of the market next to the dining area, there will be cultural activities, specifically three per week.

“We are only working on the narratives that will be followed, because the idea is to tell the stories as close to reality as possible, for that the city’s chronicler Gonzalo Navarrete is helping us with the historical data, to make it interesting to the tourist, the foreigner is interested in our connection with the Mayans, we hope to finish that and start with the tours”.

Source: Quadratin