Promocionan en Mazatlán el Festival Cultural Ricardo Castro

The city of Durango is preparing for the Ricardo Castro Cultural Festival, which will take place from Saturday, March 23 to April 8.

On this last day, the total solar eclipse that will be visible throughout North America will occur, and Durango has one of the best areas to safely appreciate this astronomical phenomenon.

Valeria Gutiérrez Velasco, director of Economic Development and Tourism of the city of Durango, promotes the cultural festival in Mazatlán, a city that the Durangans consider their second home.

“Coming soon we will have the Ricardo Castro festival, Holy Week and Easter, where just like the carnival that takes place in Mazatlán, there will be great artists whose billboard we will announce in the coming days,” said the official.

She added that in addition to the promotion of the cultural event, they are looking for tourists from Sinaloa and other states to go to the capital city of Durango to observe the total solar eclipse that will occur on April 8.

She said that in the city there are good places to see the eclipse, but they also have communities nestled in the mountains and eco-tourism parks where it would be seen much better.

The people who live there have their own itinerary and according to the reports of the Tourism department, there are still cabins available for those who choose the mountains for this adventure.

She assured that these events have the support of the municipal and state public security authorities, who have designed a strategy to safeguard the integrity of the visitors.

Source: Debate