Carnival parade breaks record, 600 thousand attendees were registered

In addition to the Carnival parade, it is expected that the influx of people to the party will exceed the figure of 2023, which was 903,856 people

MAZATLÁN. – A new record was registered by the International Carnival of Mazatlán 2024 in the first Carnival parade “Baroque Eclipse” with the attendance of 600 thousand people, a figure that far exceeds that of the 2023 Carnival.

In a well-known radio program, the mayor, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, indicated that Civil Protection gave preliminary information that only in the area of the boardwalk, a little more than 600 thousand people were registered.

“Impressive, more than other years, there were too many people, I toured during the day people who were camping and came from many states of the Republic. Yesterday it is estimated according to Civil Protection 600 thousand people throughout the boardwalk,” he said.

The attendance of attendees during the six days of Carnival of 2023 was 903,856 people; being the first Carnival parade the one that gathered more attendees, in total 450 thousand, so for this year, the number of visitors is expected to reach one million.

As for the Naval Combat, on Saturday a little more than 70 thousand tickets were sold to access Olas Altas, not counting those who decided to watch it from a hotel where they reserved dinners, or who were placed outside the area delimited by authorities.

For this day there is still no concrete figure, but it is estimated to be the same as the previous year, which was 80 thousand people.

The municipal leader estimates that in total of the 6 days, an economic spill of 1,200 million pesos will be generated; the Carnival 2023 “Dejavu, 125 years of tradition” met the expectations of all sectors, since the economic spill exceeded 1,100 million pesos.

As for the influx of people, at least the figures of the Carnival parade and the Naval Combat indicate that there will be a record.

Source: Punto