Querétaro: Increase in COVID-19 cases on alert

47 new infections in the last week; 23 patients under medical follow-up.

The Ministry of Health of Querétaro reports on a rebound in COVID-19 cases in the state, with 47 new infections registered in the last week.

Although no deaths have been reported in the last three days, health authorities call on the population to maintain preventive measures.

Of the new cases, 31 correspond to women and 16 to men, which raises the total of accumulated cases to 196 thousand 7. 54% of the cases are women and 46% men.

The recovery of 31 patients is reported, with a total of 188 thousand 951 discharges, which represents 96.40% of the total cases.

Currently, 23 patients are under medical follow-up: 22 with mild symptoms in home isolation and one not seriously hospitalized. The number of deaths remains at 7 thousand 33.

Concern about rebound:

Health authorities express their concern about the increase in the number of cases and warn that, if preventive measures are not taken, there could be a rebound in hospitalizations and deaths.

Emphasized recommendations:

Frequent hand washing: Hand washing with soap and water or the use of alcohol-based solutions at 70% is insisted.

Use of face masks: The mandatory use of face masks in closed and crowded places, as well as in public transport, is recommended.

Social distancing: It is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people.

Vaccination: A call is made to the population to complete their vaccination scheme against COVID-19. Information and medical attention:

For more information on COVID-19, consult the microsites: coronavirus.gob.mx and https://www.queretaro.gob.mx/covid2.

In case of presenting acute respiratory symptoms, call the state call center 4421015205 to receive medical guidance.

Source: Rotativo