Mexico, third place in crime

I partially agree with what your boss said in the morning yesterday about the attempts of four bishops from Guerrero to negotiate a truce – not peace – in Guerrero. “They help in the pacification of the country,” he said. “I see it very well.”

I appreciate the intervention of the prelates, but not for the same reasons. The effort of the religious obeys the desperation of seeing the ineptitude of the state government and the National Guard before the unstoppable violence in Guerrero. Despite the nine thousand 860 elements of the GN highlighted in the entity, nothing seems to have changed.

The problem is extensive to other states and worse than it will get in this year of elections.

Surely you already took a look at the Citibanamex report entitled “Elections 2024: the risks of political-electoral violence”. However, the tenant of the National Palace stated that he does not see it likely “that political-electoral violence will be unleashed; the trend in the decrease of crimes will continue,” because he does not establish “relations of complicity with anyone, then, there is nothing to fear.”

With the novelty, doña Claudia, that the CO bands will neither warn you, nor ask you for permission because they know themselves to be unpunished; in addition, it is not with don Andrés with whom they are interested in “negotiating” at the local level.

Let’s forget about the drug and, even, the murders, which have supposedly decreased. The truth is that there are two crimes that maintain an unstoppable rise: disappearances (that is, unrecorded murders) and extortion. I just tell you that of the five thousand 700 graves registered – note, only registered – half occurred in the present administration.

National and state media have continuously reported attacks on government offices, kidnapping of officials and blockades committed by the CO bands in their dispute over the right-of-way fees corresponding to public transportation, food distribution and all existing economic activity. Extortion is the source of income for the cells – let’s say minors – of the big cartels.

So, doña Claudia, the CO bands do not need the president to operate; nor do they need him. They go for the control of the mayors and the local deputies to continue with their very profitable business of the right of way. And yes, docotra Sheinbaum, that will unleash electoral violence.

In its report, Citibanamex cites “Data Cívica, which counts the attacks, murders, attacks and threats against people who work in the political-governmental sphere, as well as against relatives and collaborators, and against government or party facilities. Compared to the two years prior to the federal electoral process of 2021, during the last two years, the number of such aggressions has increased more than 400 percent. “

In addition to the expected threats to the candidates, the problem will increase when candidate A is coerced or bought by a band and candidate B suffers the same by the opposite band. Let’s see how they settle the competition and I fear it will not be by means of votes.

Allow me to bring up what was published in this space last Tuesday: the INE has detected 13 thousand sections! with violence problems. The security risks are not only for the candidates, but also for the INE trainers and the polling station officials.

In short, doña Claudia, to the national shame, Mexico ranks third in the world in the countries with the most crime (7.57 points); we are worse than nations as troubled as Afghanistan (7.10).

It cannot be otherwise. Of the criminal markets measured by the Global Organized Crime Index 2023 and not counting drugs, tell me in which one Mexico has improved: trafficking and smuggling of persons, extortion, arms trafficking, trade in counterfeit products, illicit trade in special consumer goods (such as gasoline), cybercrime and financial crimes.


The president says that “we all have to contribute” to the pacification of the country. I wish he had done his part in the five years of his administration.

If you become President, will you also blame Genaro García Luna? Or will you start to admonish the 23 MORENA governors and the National Guard?

If you don’t, the second floor of the 4T that you intend to build will collapse worse than the line 12 of the Metro. Only with many more deaths, more economic losses and greater instability.

By Leopoldo Mendívil

Source: Cronica