Querétaro police fine ‘BlaBlaCar’ user with 77 thousand pesos for sharing

In an attempt to visit his son in Guanajuato, he ended up with a large debt and his car in the impound lot

In Mexico there are many companies that offer private transportation through digital applications. Although most of them manage rates according to the area, traffic and distance to travel, some encourage exchange or mutual aid at no cost. Such is the case of ‘BlaBlaCar’, a platform that promotes sharing trips to different points of the country.

In the last hours, the story of Saúl, a user of this application who, in an attempt to spend more time with his son, ended up with a fine of 77 thousand Mexican pesos, went viral on social networks.

According to the information he shared on his TikTok account, a few days ago he entered ‘BlaBlaCar’ to offer a collective trip from Querétaro to Guanajuato because he planned to visit his son and needed to reduce expenses. Fortunately, he received a positive response from two people, so they all agreed to meet at ‘Plaza de Toros’ to start their journey.

 “I was heading to Guanajuato, Guanajuato, and I had not had any problem using the ‘BlaBlaCar’ application when boarding the people with whom I share the trips. This morning two people had reserved me, we were about to leave when some mobility agents from the state of Querétaro approached me, they asked me to identify myself and with which application I was working”, he began.

At that moment, Saúl explained to them that he was not working, but that they had all agreed to travel together through the ‘BlaBlaCar’ application, but the authorities did not understand the situation and fined him because ‘that app is not regulated in Querétaro’.

“The issue is that the fine is very high: it is 77 thousand 800 pesos. I understand that there are people who use BlaBlaCar as a business, but some users do it to support ourselves with the fuel expense and to be able to gossip with others”, he said.

Although Saúl explained his situation several times, he received the fine and his vehicle was transferred to an impound.

That was not all, some time later Saúl turned to his TikTok account to share how the process he faced from paying the fine to getting his vehicle out of the impound lot was.

What is BlaBlaCar?

According to the official page of the application, it is “A community of users based on trust that connects drivers with empty seats and passengers who are heading to the same place, so that they travel together and share the cost”.

Source: Infobae