Hersa Corporativo inaugurates the Playa Las Gaviotas tower in Mazatlán

“We like to do things well and deliver a quality product to the customer”: Carmen Salazar

Mazatlán, Sin.- A new condominium that combines quality, value, comfort and amenities in a beautifully designed space, was inaugurated in Marina Cerritos Condominiums, by Hersa Corporativo.

It is the tower 4 “Playa Las Gaviotas” in Mazatlán, which consists of 50 apartments with three different sizes, as part of a development that has a 70 percent progress in the area of greatest growth and value in Mazatlán.

Leading the inauguration of this tower, and the official delivery to its customers, Carmen Alicia Salazar Reyes, general director of Hersa corporativo, highlighted that in addition to this new section, the wave pool is also ready and within a month the Olympic pool will be inaugurated, for the enjoyment of all the condominiums.

She stressed that Mazatlán is a city in development and, that from Grupo Hersa, the Salazar Reyes brothers join the growth of this tourist destination that is consolidating in the business field.

“And more in this area because it is close to the beach, in which we are offering the customer a value. The value of the first investors has already doubled. The value of your apartment is already worth twice as much. That is why it is important to buy in advance, so that they can see how the value of their money grows as time goes by, and when they receive their property, they already have a profit of 35 to 40 percent. We are proud because we like to do things well done, deliver a quality product to the customer, with all the services and amenities that we offer”.

During the inaugural protocol act, the councilor Bernardo Alcaraz Conde, representing the municipal president Édgar González Zataráin said that the municipal government is open to continue promoting this type of investments, because they generate development and new sources of employment.

“I want to invite you to continue trusting Mazatlán and the authorities, who will continue to provide you with the necessary support to continue growing and doing this so beautiful, that you can see that they do it with a lot of desire and spirit to go beyond a business. It is part of the success they have had, the human side that their projects have”.

For his part, the president of the Chamber of the Construction Industry, CMIC Mazatlán, Guillermo Trewarta Domínguez recalled that 3 years ago this development began that today is a great example of a serious, committed company, that not only has four condominium towers already in operation, but goes further, with a social commitment to the city reflected in the stormwater canal that the company built and that guarantees security and quality of life for the northern part of Mazatlán.

Source: Linea Directa