They shoot at a National Guard patrol on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway, near Mármol

While the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was getting ready to travel from Jalisco to Mazatlán, members of the National Guard were shot at this Friday, at the height of kilometer 10 of the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway, very close to the Mármol toll booth.

According to police versions, the events occurred around 1:10 p.m. this Friday, while in Mazatlán surveillance was reinforced by the presence of López Obrador.

After the attack, a National Guard truck-patrol was left with several bullet impacts and several more units were affected by “tire punctures”.

There is a version that indicates that the federal elements apparently guarded the mother ship when they were suddenly attacked by armed men.

The armed men managed to flee north of the highway throwing tire punctures on the road affecting two more patrols and a passenger bus.

After the events, paramedics from the Mazatlán Veterans Firefighters arrived at the place to provide medical attention to the injured driver, but it was not necessary to transfer him to a hospital.

Source: Noreste