In Taxco, Mexico, a woman was fatally assaulted by a crowd after being accused of abducting and murdering a child.

The incident occurred shortly before the city’s renowned Holy Week procession. The unrest began following the disappearance of an eight-year-old girl, whose body was later discovered. A video suggested the involvement of a woman and a man in the incident.

The crowd besieged the woman’s residence, and despite police intervention, she was forcibly removed from a police vehicle and attacked by the mob. She succumbed to her injuries, and the state prosecutor’s office confirmed her death.

A local resident expressed frustration with the government, citing this as the first instance of public action following such an event. Taxco’s mayor conveyed his empathy with the community’s anger and noted that three individuals had been apprehended by the police.

The mayor also lamented the lack of support from the state government for the municipal police. Despite the violence, the traditional Good Friday procession proceeded, with participants donning white ribbons of mourning.

The occurrence has highlighted the issue of mob justice in Mexico, with Taxco and other cities in Guerrero state experiencing frequent violence. Recent events include a strike by taxi and van drivers due to gang threats and attacks on law enforcement personnel. The mayor himself was targeted when his armored vehicle was fired upon. This tragic event has overshadowed the town’s Holy Week observances, leaving the community in shock.

In Taxco, as well as across the state of Guerrero, the community faces ongoing challenges with organized crime groups who extort local businesses, including shopkeepers and transportation providers, with threats of violence for non-compliance.

The inhabitants have reached a breaking point, recognizing the potential repercussions this may have on the tourism industry.

“The town’s economy is heavily reliant on the influx of visitors during Holy Week, and we understand the negative impact this situation may have. The prospect of diminishing tourist numbers is a concern,” Andrea, a local resident, expressed. “Tourism is our livelihood, yet we cannot stand by and tolerate these criminal acts any longer.”

Source: AP News