Foreigner Causes Accident and Assaults Driver in Cabo San Lucas

Foreigner causes accident and assaults driver in CSL Through social media and citizen alert groups, an incident was reported in the delegation of Cabo San Lucas, involving an individual of foreign nationality. After the accident, it was reported that this person assaulted the driver on two occasions and attempted to run him over before fleeing the scene.

According to the account of the affected driver, the events took place on Wednesday, May 15, on the transpeninsular highway, near a wholesale material store in the Cabo Bello neighborhood of Cabo San Lucas. According to his testimony, an individual of foreign nationality hit him from behind twice and then got out of the vehicle to physically assault him.

The complainant indicated that he got out of his vehicle after noticing that the foreign individual, driving his truck, was trying to run him over before escaping from the place. This incident was recorded on video.

According to the publication, the person was identified as Michael “N”, who was reported by the driver for physical and verbal assault, as well as for the damages caused in the traffic accident.

Currently, help is being sought to locate the alleged aggressor, who is indicated to reside in a villa in Cabo San Lucas and drives a Jeep brand truck. It is relevant to mention that some internet users have expressed in the victim’s publication that this individual has shown aggressive behavior on other occasions, according to their comments.

Source: Tribuna de Mexico