Study reveals that at least a third of the LGBT population in Mexico has attempted suicide

The Trevor Project, the association in charge of the study, stated that Mexico provides crisis services to LGBT people.

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The association The Trevor Project warned this Friday, International Day against Lesbophobia, Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, of “quite alarming data” in Mexico, where one in three LGBT people between 13 and 24 years old attempted suicide last year.

The proportion rises to more than half of this population when considering all the people who reported having “seriously considered suicide,” said the executive director of The Trevor Project Mexico, Edurne Balmori.

“What lies behind are risk factors that we continue to experience in our country, that is, discrimination, homophobia, violence, hate speech. And these are just the factors that need to be turned around, turning those risk factors into protective factors,” said the activist.

The organization, which for two years has been providing crisis services to LGBT people in Mexico to prevent suicides and care for their mental health, conducted the “National Mental Health Survey of LGBT Youth 2024” with more than 10,000 participants with the support of the Association for Transgender Childhood and Yaaj.

The director of the organization regretted that, despite legal advances, discrimination and violence prevail in Mexico, which “can make a person more prone to suicide.”

As an example, she cited that more than seven in 10 LGBT youth reported having suffered discrimination in the last year, while 28% reported having received direct threats or physical abuse due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Then that becomes a risk factor for a person, of not living in peace in the context that we have in Mexico,” she noted.

Source: forbes