Who is Adriana Paz, the first Mexican actress to win at Cannes?

The Mexican actress, Adriana Paz, won at the Cannes in the Best Actress category in the film “Emilia Pérez”.

The Mexican actress, Adriana Paz, along with Karla Sofía Gascón, Zoe Saldaña, Selena Gómez, received the award for best female performance at the Cannes Festival.

The film, which has been well received by critics and the most important film festival, has been awarded for the performances and diversity shown in the film. Such is the case of Adriana Paz, a Mexican actress who has participated in countless Mexican and foreign series and films.

Who is Adriana Paz?

The Mexican actress was born in Mexico City and is a graduate of the Theater College of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM.

She has won three Ariel Awards for Best Actress for ‘La Tirisia’ (2015), Female co-acting for ‘Hilda’ (2016) and ‘La Caridad’ (2017), in 2018 she had a Goya nomination in the Spanish film ‘El autor ‘. This time she has become the first Mexican actress to win an award at Cannes.

Many also remember her for her role in Vis a Vis, a Spanish prison series in which her role stood out for being a woman who planned and executed meticulously, the Mexican accent that was so different from the rest of the characters and the Mexican words that also They were her distinctive feature in the series and made the actress world famous.

She also had a small appearance in James Bond 007: Specter and participated in the series Coyote and The Rebellion.

What is the film Emilia Pérez about?

The film produced by Jacques Audiard, a renowned French director. The film is about a boss of a Mexican cartel “Manitas”, who seeks to transition into a woman with the help of a lawyer. The film is a musical, something outside of what is commonly established for this type of plots, however, it has fact that deserves international recognition.

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