Red Tide in Yucatán? This is what fishermen say

Unexpected reports about the ports of El Cuyo and Río Lagartos have raised alarms in the entity, and this is what fishermen say about the situation.

During the year 2022, the coasts of the state of Yucatán at the start of the fishing season were significantly affected by the phenomenon of the Red Tide.

This worries fishermen who travel offshore, as they have detected signs that the Red Tide may have reached Yucatán again; we share the details with you.

Red Tide could have returned to the coast of the state of Yucatán

According to fishermen from Yucatán, about 100 kilometers off the coast, they managed to spot a large stain in the ocean water that would indicate the arrival of the Red Tide.

And this, they say in their testimony, would have first arrived at the port of El Cuyo and then moved through the areas of Telchac Puerto and Progreso.

In this scenario, the Red Tide would again affect the fishing activity of Yucatán due to the pollution represented by the algae that make it up.

Also, fishermen indicate, because of the toxins released that, while some animal species can consume without problems, it is dangerous for humans.

However, the fishermen’s call to attention about the Red Tide ensures that the spots seen in Yucatán do not yet represent an alarming danger due to their slow expansion.

Nevertheless, it is substantial to follow up to determine precise measures that safeguard fishing in Yucatán and the consumption of seafood.

What is the Red Tide that reached Yucatán?

Animals and humans are its main victims, the Red Tide in Yucatán consists of a disorder caused by abundant reddish-colored algae that release a substance that can be ingested by oysters, clams, shells, and snails.

According to experts, the Red Tide can weaken certain marine specimens and cause their death, but there are also species that are not affected by the toxin contained in algae.

This should not be understood as not being a risk for humans, because, unlike animals, when people consume these compounds, there are cases of intoxication.

Finally, it is important to note that among the effects of the Red Tide in Yucatán is also the impact on tourism, as huge reddish stains decrease the transit of visitors.

Source: SDP Noticias