Campeche reefs in danger

The coral reefs of Campeche are facing significant threats due to climate change. The rising temperatures in the Caribbean waters, which have reached levels four degrees Celsius above the historical average, pose a critical risk to these vibrant ecosystems. These reefs, which are home to a diverse array of marine species, play a crucial role in the marine ecosystem by providing coastal protection, serving as a source of food and shelter for numerous species, and contributing to the local economy through tourism.

Marine biologist Lorenzo Álvarez Filip from UNAM has highlighted the dire situation, comparing diving in the reefs to swimming in a cemetery due to the loss of life caused by the warming waters. He emphasizes the importance of coral reefs in maintaining the three-dimensional structure of the ecosystem and their role in mitigating the impact of hurricanes among other ecosystem services.

Despite the challenges, Álvarez Filip stresses the need for comprehensive strategies to address the environmental crisis, extending from the mountains to the sea. Climate change not only endangers marine ecosystems but also the economic and social well-being of communities that rely on them. Urgent and effective measures are imperative to mitigate these effects and protect both the biodiversity and the livelihoods of the people in Campeche.

Source: Campeche Hoy