Is this how Oxxo stores are born? Consumer captures the ‘cloning’ of a store (VIDEO)

Do you know how Oxxo stores appear almost overnight and seemingly out of nowhere? A consumer captured on video the astonishing moment when an Oxxo store appears to have been cloned. This phenomenon has generated quite a stir on social media and has left many wondering about the authenticity and implications of this event.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows what appears to be a “cloned” Oxxo store in real time. This incident has sparked a number of theories and discussions about how something like this could have happened and what it means for Mexico’s largest convenience store chain.

Owned by FEMSA, Oxxo is the largest convenience store chain in Mexico, with more than 19,000 branches across the country. With such a widespread presence, the brand is an icon in the Mexican urban landscape, offering everything from food and drinks to basic financial services.

The viral video of the birth of an “Oxxito”

As reported by América Economía, the video was captured by a customer who was visiting an Oxxo in an urban area. In the video, an identical store can be seen appearing right next to the original. While some viewers believe it is an editing trick, others suggest more esoteric and conspiratorial explanations.

The user @mariopalomaresmaraton shared a video on TikTok showing how next to a regular Oxxo there was a smaller one, which he ironically described as the “birth” of a new Oxxo.

Reactions on social media were not long in coming. While some users took the video with humor, creating memes and humorous comments, others expressed their disbelief and curiosity about the possible cloning of the store. Most of the comments revolved around conspiracy theories and the possibility that it is an unexplained phenomenon.

Possible explanations

Video and technology experts have analyzed the material and suggest that it could be a well-crafted montage.
However, the lack of an official explanation has left many speculating about the possibility of an error in the matrix or some kind of advanced cloning technology. On the other hand, some more rational theories suggest that it could simply be an optical illusion or a very well-executed publicity stunt by Oxxo.

The cloned Oxxo phenomenon has captured the public’s imagination and sparked widespread debate. Although there is still no definitive explanation, the event has served as a reminder of the power of social media to amplify and discuss unusual phenomena. Whether real or an elaborate hoax, the video has put Oxxo back at the center of public conversation.

Source: emprendedor