Five Mazatlan teams are going to the finals of the Mazatlan Baseball Tournament

Cinco equipos mazatlecos van a finales del Mazatlán Baseball Tournament

Mazatlan teams will compete in five finals in the Mazatlan Baseball Tournament-Venados 2024, which comes to an end this Sunday.

Academia La Jaula 45-Mazatlán in the Children’s category, Academia Pulido Mazatlán in the School, Guardians-Muralla in the Senior Youth category, Region IV in Senior Children and Liga Mazatlán in the Minor Youth category, will compete for titles.
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Academia Pulido was far superior and defeated Blue Jay-Chihuahua by a wide score of 25-4, to qualify for the final.

Rigel Barcelata, Juan Lizárraga and Óliver Padilla hit home runs for Academia Pulido, which scored clusters of 7 runs in the first inning, 9 in the second and 10 in the third inning.

For its part, La Jaula 45 defeated San Luis Potosí by a 12-0 shutout to advance to the final in the Infantil category.

César Núñez was the winning pitcher, while Emiliano Puente took the loss.

Diego López hit a home run for La Jaula 45, while César Núñez went 2-2, as did Luis Morales.

Guardians-Muralla is another of the Mazatlan teams that qualified for a final, this one in the Juvenile Major category, after beating Padres-Ciudad Juárez 10-0.

Yair Velarde took the win with relief from Carlos Mercado.

Álex Tolosa went 4-4 for the team from Muralla.

For its part, Region IV, in the Infantil Major category, qualified for the final, after beating El Carrizo-Sinaloa 5-1.

Liga Mazatlán qualified for the final of the Juvenile Minor category by defeating Treviño Kelly-Tamaulipas 10-0.


This Sunday the finals in the different categories of the Mazatlán Baseball Tournament-Venados will take place.

At the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, at 8:00 a.m. the finals in the juvenile, Minor, and Adult Free Juvenile categories begin, while on Liga Mazatlán fields the championship games in children’s categories will take place, all starting at 9:00 a.m.

Source: noroeste