Enjoy the food, culture and crafts of Pátzcuaro and Janitzio

If you want to live a unique experience during this summer vacation, the Magical Town of Pátzcuaro and the island of Janitzio are the options that you should consider in your plans and agenda. In a press release from Sectur, in these places you will find everything, delicious gastronomy, unique crafts, history, culture and, above all, dreamlike landscapes that you will want to share on your social networks.

Whether it is a family trip, with your partner or with friends, these destinations that are less than an hour from Morelia will take you into an environment of healthy entertainment and an atmosphere that can only be experienced in Michoacán, “the soul of Mexico.”

One of the places you can visit in Pátzcuaro, in addition to the Vasco de Quiroga plaza and the restaurants found in the portals, is the large step with 400 steps and surrounded by trees, pines and wildlife, providing a cool climate for those who come to take a walk or exercise, until you reach the top of the viewing point and see a panoramic view of the first Magical Town of Michoacán that achieved this designation in 2002. Another option is to travel by boat to the island of Janitzio. This tour will take you to this place that has been captured on the big screen by figures such as María Félix in the film Maclovia.

On the island you can access the monument to José María Morelos that measures 47.75 meters high, that is, larger than the Christ the Redeemer of Janeiro in Corcovado, Brazil with 30 meters, and the Statue of Liberty itself, in New York, which measures 46 meters. This work offers tourists and visitors a tour of the murals that narrate the life of the Servant of the Nation and the Independence of Mexico itself, to then climb a narrow spiral staircase and enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Pátzcuaro.

Source: quadratin