Merida’s Gastronomic Corridor: A Flavorful Journey for Your Palate

From traditional Yucatecan cuisine to cantinas, from breakfast to dinner! On Merida’s 47th Street, you’ll find options for every taste and craving.

Mexican gastronomy is one of the reasons why travelers from around the world flock to Mexico. It’s also a favorite activity for national travelers who get to experience and enjoy the delicious and appreciated food made in the country. One of the most outstanding regions in terms of flavor and dishes is undoubtedly southern Mexico, and they do an excellent job of utilizing their resources and talents.

That’s why the Merida Gastronomic Corridor is one of the attractions you should know about when traveling to Yucatan, which has given us so many succulent things.

A Stroll Through the Merida Gastronomic Corridor

The gastronomic corridor is an important point of interest for locals and tourists alike. Although there are restaurants all over Mérida, this route concentrates a large offer of restaurants that allows for the economic development of the area, nearby neighborhoods, and neighbors.

Along the street, you’ll find specialty restaurants: meat, seafood, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean. You’ll also find cafes, ideal for having a hot or refreshing drink, accompanied by freshly baked bread. 47th Street is very crowded on weekends, as there are options perfect for breakfast or spaces to socialize while sipping a glass of wine. Here, you’ll also find options if you’re looking for nighttime entertainment, such as bars with live music and plenty of fun.

Latte Quattro Sette:

This is one of those “charming” places to go with friends or family. It’s cozy due to its small size, but also because of the French-inspired decor that gives it an elegant and clean touch. Their specialty is coffee, and they excel in preparing lattes and flat whites, which you can pair with some homemade pastries that are tempting from their display. Breakfasts here are simple but satisfying, such as avocado toast or yogurt with fresh fruit for something light.

Where: Calle 47 #475, Centro, Mérida.

Baretto Espresso Bar:

This cozy space is ideal for a breakfast with friends or solo, to enjoy a perfectly prepared drink. While coffee is their specialty, it’s best accompanied by their delicious pastries—some of the finest in Mérida when it comes to sweet treats. The breakfast menu is concise but fulfilling.

Where: Calle 47 #478, Centro, Mérida.

Marmalade 47:

This is one of the favorite spots for lunch in Mérida. They serve dishes that delight both the eyes and the palate. All portions are generous and far from diet-friendly, so be prepared to indulge. Try their eggs Benedict with bacon or the pulled pork chilaquiles. And for a sweet finish, don’t leave without trying their brioche covered in pastry cream, red fruit compote, lemon pudding, and pistachios.

Where: Calle 47, between 56 and 54.


A small and cozy café that’s perfect for a break or even solo enjoyment. A cup of coffee and a French bread from Nutcafé are all you need when visiting Mérida. They also have a small terrace, ideal for soaking up the morning sun. While they offer light breakfasts, the favorites here are the toasts and pancakes, with various ingredients and flavors.

Where: Calle 47 #461, Centro, Mérida.

La Libertad

If you’re looking for a beautiful and cool place to enjoy the afternoons in Mérida, you should go to La Libertad. This restaurant occupies one of the beautiful buildings on 47th street, with spacious areas that have been well utilized. It is recommended to go with company and without haste because this place is to be enjoyed, in addition to the delicious food they serve here. Although it is also a good option for breakfast, their meals are a great choice because they have a very attractive cocktail bar to accompany your food.

Where: 47th Street #459, Centro, Mérida.

Te Extraño, Extraño

If you love places with design and beautiful objects, you should visit Te Extraño, Extraño. It is ideal to visit at any time of the day, especially if you are looking for a terrace full of vegetation and freshness. It is also perfect for those who like a late lunch and delights of bread at any hour of the day. Its charming decoration invites you to spend hours there, so it is perfect for meeting friends.

Where: 56th Street #426, Centro, Mérida.

These restaurants serve different specialties, what are you craving?

Oaxacan Food at Sandunga

If you’re craving tlayudas, black mole, tasajo, or any other Oaxacan specialty, but you’re in Yucatán, you should indulge yourself at Sandunga, which is also part of the Gastronomic Corridor of Mérida. Of course, you should accompany your meal with fresh chilacayota water and a good mezcal. You also can’t miss the burnt milk ice cream with prickly pear, although for dessert everyone loves the pavlova with fruits that they prepare here.

Where: 47th Street #453A, Centro, Mérida.

Fish and Seafood at Micaela Mar y Leña

The name says it all: sea delicacies cooked with wood, smoky and delicious! In Mérida, there isn’t really a great variety of restaurants that offer seafood, which makes this place doubly special for using the technique that gives a smoky touch to its cooking. In addition, it is a very beautiful restaurant near the end of 47th street, close to La Plancha Park.

Where: 47th Street #458, Centro, Mérida.

Italian Food at Oliva Enoteca

A bar where they prepare fresh pasta at the moment and a great selection of wines await you at Oliva Enoteca. This place offers a good option of Italian dishes, among which their pastas stand out, prepared in front of you by one of the chefs that make this place one of the must-visits of the Gastronomic Corridor of Mérida. Like many places on this street, it occupies an old house which gives it a cozy and familiar touch. Ask for a wine recommendation, because they have more than 200 labels in addition to interesting cocktail proposals.

Where: 47th Street corner with 54th Street, Centro, Mérida.

Traditional Cantina at El Lucero

Mérida has a tradition of cantinas, and this is part of it. It is a spacious place where you can cool off and, of course, meet friends to toast at one of the tables on the palm-covered terrace, one of the favorite spots because of the vegetation in the place. The food is also a delight, because the proposal is what is expected in such a place: regional snacks in the center, with each drink. The portions are generous, so before choosing dishes from the menu ask about the snacks of the day.

Where: 47th Street corner with 56th Street, Centro, Mérida.

Source: Mexico Desconocido