Puerto Vallarta celebrated 52 years of sister city relationship with Santa Barbara, California

Puerto Vallarta’s most enduring sister city relationship is with Santa Barbara, California, dating back to June 12, 1972. For more than half a century, both communities have had all kinds of positive exchanges, including humanitarian missions, stays, donations, art, education and more. Therefore, the celebration of the 52nd anniversary of this subsidiary organization was a great event, for which a dinner and civic cultural program were offered in the courtyard of the Municipal Palace.

The event was headed by Francisco Javier García Benítez, president of the Puerto Vallarta Santa Bárbara Sister Cities Committee, accompanied by the secretary, María Elena Sahagún, and the member Irma Lorena Pérez Copado. He recognized the founders of this social and altruistic organization, and invited them to continue with their projects.

“We have to move forward, implement more peace, more brotherhood, more help, there is still a lot of need, we must be consistent and aware. Today is the 52nd anniversary of the arrival of people who have given their humanitarian aid and thought of Puerto Vallarta,” said Paco García.

José Soto, head of the Municipal Liaison Office with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represented the Puerto Vallarta City Council. He recalled the contributions made by the brothers of Santa Bárbara, including: the Dolphin Fountain on the boardwalk, a hyperbaric chamber, ambulance and fire truck assistance, student exchanges, school construction, food pantries, a medical office, and tourism promotion.

“Today we recognize, in the most humble way, the great value of their mission, which 52 years after its establishment, based on work and responsibility, has provided good faith care and help to all citizens and institutions that need it, and for this reason I ask for a big round of applause for this army of dreamers, who unite two cities, two cities and thousands of people in one heart,” said José Soto.

The elected councilwoman Laurel Carrillo Ventura was in the presidium, representing the next mayor Luis Munguía González. The special guests presented awards, including some former presidents and distinguished members of this association, such as: David Santana Santos and his wife Reyna Martínez, Fidel Martínez, Martha Elsa Villegas, Andrés Famanía Ortega, Ismael Pérez Madera, Rosa Limón, Raúl Coultas, Rigoberto Montero Tello, Refugio Caballero Ortiz and Dr. Gloria Elideth Torres García, operational director of the Santa Bárbara-Puerto Vallarta Rehabilitation Clinic.

Source: tribunaldelabahia